Bacon Lube: For Pork-Flavored Porking

Categories: Really?!?!?
​You know it had to happen. Someone decided to bring together the world's two greatest inventions, sex and bacon. 

Introducing bacon lube. For sex that sizzles. For bacon lovers. For porking--with pork.   

The product started out as an April Fool's joke masterminded by J&D's, the makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. After receiving a flood of emails from fans who wanted to actually use the lube, the Seattle-based company created the real thing. J&D's baconlube, described as "the gold standard of meat flavored massage oils," is available for $11.99 while supplies last.  

Next time you're at IHOP and your friend needs to run home and take a cold shower, you'll know who to blame. 

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