10 Great Food Trucks--Luxe Loncheras!--in Orange County

5. Tropical Shave Ice
I remember Spencer...why did he have to go off to The Atlantic? Oh, yeah...

Epic Hawaii-style shave ice with syrup made from, you know, natural fruits? Yes, please.

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4. Barcelona On the Go
This one's Dave's, for sure...

I see these Argentines every other Wednesday at Cal State Fullerton and always curse myself for already having eaten beforehand, therefore depriving me of the paella, sandwiches and Iberian-inspired goodies. There's always next Wednesday . . .

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3. Piaggio On Wheels
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Photo by Kimberly Valenzuela again!
El maestro...

Unlike some of the other entrants in the luxe-lonchera war, this Argentine truck has an impeccable pedigree: Owner/cook Jose Piaggio was the proprietor of a couple of steakhouses in Brea and Brazil before making his restaurant mobile. Expert meat-preparing is in the man's veins, and Piaggio On Wheels is a mini-testament to his country's obsession with beef: freshly made chorizo with a gentle snap, redolent of cinnamon; skirt steak grilled to an obsidian gleam on the outside, ruddy beauty inside, all enlivened with a chimmichurri heavier on the parsley than garlic; a lomito torta that makes any American steak hoagie seem as hefty as tissue. Piaggio plays around with those cuts in tacos, burritos, quesadillas -- any vessel he can get his meaty (pardon the pun; Piaggio is an Andes of a man) hands on.

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2. Dos Chinos

Dos Chinos is a cuisine of OC love, like what happens when Vietnamese and Mexican teens combine the leftovers after their high school's International Day. Dos Chinos uses the humble tortilla to riff brilliantly on Asian traditions within the friendly confines of a taco or burrito: unctuous pork belly cut with a sharp green salsa; carne asada as beautifully burnt as anything off Bristol, enlivened with sweet-and-sour guacamole; curry chicken brightened by tamarind-spiked sour cream. Plus? TOTAL nerds, haha.

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1. The Lime Truck
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The champeens!

Of course it's these guys -- gotta give respect to the guys who won The Great Food Truck Race 2! And the food does rock, even if I maintain it's a bit expensive -- but that's a battle for another day. . . .

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