Tavazo Dried Nuts & Fruits Store Opens in Irvine

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Edwin Goei
Tavazo Dried Nuts and Fruits opened quietly in Irvine last week, or perhaps the week before. Like I said, it was a quiet debut. This outlet of a mostly Ontario, Canada-based Persian goods purveyor can be found next to Smart & Final and Trader Joe's at Culver and Walnut.

I walked in to survey their selection and inside it looks exactly like the picture I saw of their Ontario stores. The picture below of one of their other stores is a good representative of what to expect: ornate silver-plated giant goblets that I'm sure has a proper name (Dave?) were stocked with what I have to guess is just about every kind of dried fruit conceivable. There was for sure mango, dates, lemons, and more nuts than a political protest rally.

Photo from Tavazo's Facebook Page

So far, I saw no offering of baklava or the other pastries that I heard they were planning on stocking from Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Is Tavazo going to displace or even challenge the variety and depth of Wholesome Choice? Obviously not. This is a specialty store with a footprint of a 7-Eleven (it used to be a tiny running shoe store before this); but it's still something all those Trader Joe's-bound should check out.

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I bought 2 lb mixed nuts.walnut taste old.I paied $22 for it.expensive too

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