Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Mom Abandons Son in Parking Lot to Teach Lesson!

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Man, whatever happened to the days parents would discipline kids with screaming? Or promising divine retribution, or the bogeyman.

Now, we have parents leaving kids alone in parking lots--at a Taco Bell, no less--then driving off to supposedly teach them a lesson.

From the Pittsburgh area:

A mother accused of leaving her 7-year-old son in a fast food parking told Channel 4 Action News that she was only trying to teach the child a lesson.Serrita Diggs, 29, told Channel 4 Action News' Ari Hait that she was trying to teach her son not to misbehave at school."I tried to tell him that he can leave and go find another family," she said.

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My mom tried that, but I figured out how to get home.  Boy was she pissed.  Actually, this isn't funny.  This is about people having children who probably shouldn't. They don't possess the patience or maturity to care for  and see to the well being of another human being.  I would say to Serrita Diggs that perhaps her child would be better off with another family and in particular another mother who would never even think of abandoning a 7 year old child.  Shame on her.  Hope she gets her tubes tied.

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