Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Drunk Man Crashes Into Car at Drive-Thru!

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One week--one glorious week--I hope there will be a Taco Bell crime that doesn't involve alcohol. Alas, that week is far off in our lifetimes, if ever achievable. Last week, it was in Florida; this week, Wisconsin.

From Oak Creek:

An accident in the drive-through of Taco Bell/Long John Silver's, 8261 S. Howell Ave., resulted in a drunken-driving arrest early Sunday morning.

According to an Oak Creek police report, a caller told police he was rear-ended while in the drive-through and believed the other driver may be intoxicated.

Officers arrived and arrested a 35-year-old Oak Creek man who had a preliminary blood-alcohol content of 0.14, the report said.

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