SWSH Shabu Shabu Opens in Diamond Jamboree Today

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SWSH Facebook
So did you attend that Chef Hung official grand opening today? Turns out it wasn't the only one at Diamond Jamboree. SWSH, the shabu shabu bar directly above Chef Hung, also had its ribbon cutting this morning . . . apparently an hour before its downstairs neighbor.

SWSH Facebook
SWSH, as I wrote a few months earlier, is not only a shabu shabu joint, but also a sake bar. Appetizers, sukiyaki, Japanese beer, and dessert fondue with chocolate and fruits round out the offerings. Now if only it'd put the complete menu on its website or Facebook, SWSH would really be in business.

2710 Alton Pkwy., Ste. 213, Irvine, (949) 378-4110; www.swshshabu.com.

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Money off coupons
Money off coupons

I don't find anything new or attractive in this bar which will attract me to go there


Looks like you got a twofer at Diamond Jamboree today... Did Ajisen close?

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