Stick a Fork In It Reacts to the 2011 OC Weekly Readers' Choice Awards


It's Best Of time . . . you have your dead-tree copies, right? No? Go get one . . . we'll be here when you get back.

Unfortunately, whoever was supposed to tabulate the Reader's Choice poll this year into one easy-to-read guide must have had a huge hangover because it's nowhere to be found online--but we, your benevolent Forkers, have compiled the list for food and drink (and some of the bar/club stuff that involves drinking). It's on the last page of this post.

We're not sure if it's the fact that our crack marketing department allowed the nominees to campaign this year--pretty much every available flat surface at both outposts of Kéan Coffee was covered with posters urging patrons to stuff the ballot box--but you're catching on, Orange County. Keep this up, and someday we might actually be able to have an argument on the merits.

First, the good: We don't even care that you picked a chain as Best Mexican Restaurant because it means you didn't pick Javier's--though we did, for Best All-Ages Meat Market. Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs? Worthy choice for Best Hot Dog. We agreed with you about Seabirds for Best New-Age Food Truck and again with your choice for Best Outdoor Dining (Beachcomber Café).

This being OC, we can sort of kind of accept Chronic Tacos through the haze of, um, that stuff President Barack Obama used to smoke but now prosecutes because he's turned into the Man. Only the potato tacos, though--the other stuff, nah.

Irvine Farmers' Market at UC Irvine is definitely a worthwhile pick, as is the aforementioned Kéan Coffee, which won both Best Coffee and Best Coffeehouse.

Of course you were going to pick Goat Hill Tavern as the best dive bar in OC--we might as well just preprint the award plaque.

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