PBS Launches More Streamlined Food Site With Full Episodes of Julia Child

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PBS has long been the bastion of hype-free cooking shows, the home of Julia Child, as well as such varied personalities as Jacques Pepin, Martin Yan and Mary Ann Esposito in the old days; plus, the brilliant Korean-food documentary series Kimchi Chronicles With Marja Vongerichten just finished its run. PBS was the food network before there was a Food Network.

This week, the website PBS Food got an upgrade. With the relaunch, it has integrated the musings of two food bloggers, and the whole site is supposed to be more streamlined, consolidating all PBS cooking content so that one can easily search the more than 1,700 recipes and shows.

That's all fine and good, but the best part is it's now easier to watch full episodes of Julia Child's seminal series The French Chef and her later shows, including Julia Child: Cooking With Master Chefs, which features a pre-Top Chef Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken.

Then there's the nearly unrecognizable, pre-catchphrase Emeril Lagasse, looking like he's fresh out of culinary school, cooking etoufee and boiling crawfish.

Child's episode with Emeril Lagasse is embedded below, but there's more where that came from on the site. Who says you need cable?

Watch Cajun Cooking with Emeril Lagasse on PBS. See more from Julia Child.

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I enjoy Jacque Papin,especially when he looks really annoyed at his daughter when they cook together!


"PBS was the food network before there was a Food Network."  Indeed.

I loved Yan Can Cook, i.e. Martin Yan's show.  He was very entertaining, and a great cook (and cooking instructor) too. 

And here's a true story: on the night of Sunday, January 14, 1990, there were two shows I wanted to watch that were airing simultaneously.  I chose to watch the Frugal Gourmet on PBS, which was to feature sesame chicken, and taped the other show for later.  One reason was I felt my roommate, who would be studying on campus that night, might have also wanted to see the other program. 

And what TV show was that?  The first episode of something called The Simpsons. 


Thats funny! 

I used to watch yan can cook and the frugal gourmet, But I cant remember the old cajun dude that put onions in every GD dish he made.... onions to that dude were like essence to that fat ass Emeril.

This is also really sad because I was in high school back then and watching cooking shows... Hey some guys wore their moms underwear others watched cooking shows I guess it could have been worse! 


Nah, cooking and watching cooking shows don't diminish one's masculinity, IMHO.  Messrs. Salt and Ubergeek, to name two examples, are gladiator-masculine. 

When I was in junior high in the Big Apple, shop classes (I was enrolled in electricity and woodworking) were mandatory, as were "home economic" classes (cooking and sewing for me). 

Cooking was a blast...I vaguely remember being teamed with two other males in my "kitchen," and we worked seriously as a team, crankin' out stuff within the limited two class-period time constraint. 

But sewing...fuhgetaboutit.  I hated it...I couldn't even do the "football" pillows that were assigned.  But at least not liking sewing stamped my masculinity card.


I learned how to cook as a latch key kid in the 80's and 90's... 

And true on the masculinity front I was in the Marines, Not as a cook and yet if I were 20 years younger I would quit my corpo job and go to culinary school!  

And the Cajun dude was Justin Wilson I Gorrontee it! 

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