Mozza Gets Unanimous Vote To Keep Alcohol Permit

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Remember the news that Mozza in Newport Beach might have their liquor license taken away? Much ado about nothing.

Last week, the Newport Beach Planning Commission was unanimous in its vote to let Pizzeria Mozza to keep its alcohol permit. Even Robert Hawkins, the city commissioner who appealed the original decision to issue the permit, ultimately voted to let Mozza keep it.

The Daily Pilot reported that Hawkins made made his original decision as a statement for democracy, arguing that businesses that apply to serve alcohol should be subject to a public hearing if the establishment is adjacent to homes. As the process stands, The Daily Pilot writes, such decisions can be made by a city staff member.

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Mozza's ok if you like long waits, stuffy crowds and $20 pizzas!


Much ado about nothing was my exact comment on the first article. There is no way Newport was going to turn away the tax revenue generated by Mozza to placate the owners of the McMansions up the hill.

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