The Man Who Would Be Rumologist: Part Deux

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Matthew Robold of Orange needs your help again, loyal Fork readers--because apparently the finals for the Tommy Bahama Rumologist position we wrote about weren't actually the final finals, just the pretend finals.

Fortunately, the Rumdood, Orange County's leading expert on the fine Caribbean export, made it to the final we-mean-it finals, the top five. More videos, more writing, and this time a custom cocktail designed just for the contest. (Chai simple syrup, Matt? We've learned to trust you, so...)

Clearly, the Tommy Bahama Rumologist needs to come from Orange County--so slide on over to vote, once per day per Facebook account. Vote early, vote often.

In the meantime, if you feel like you need to sample Rumdood's drinks, you can often find him behind the bar at 320 Main in Seal Beach. Look for the dapper man with the beard. Rats--look for the dapper man with the hat and the b--phooey. Ask for him by name.

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320 Main

320 Main St., Seal Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

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