Koko's Cafe to Take up Old Dickey's Barbecue Pit Space in Irvine

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Photo by thatguy542
Dickey's Barbecue Pit at Irvine Village Center, at the corner of Jeffrey and Irvine Center, has been closed for about two years, after lasting about a year there. Now the vacant space has apparently been taken up by a new business: Koko's Cafe.

The tip came from loyal reader thatguy542, who saw the sign and snapped the photo to the right. For now, we don't know much about Koko's Cafe. There's not a trace of information to be found on the web, not even on Facebook. Since there's a coffee bean acting as an apostrophe, I can guess they will serve coffee drinks. If anyone can read Chinese, please do chime in on what the characters below the name says. I'm secretly hoping it's also a bakery.

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