KCRW Good Food/OC Weekly Happy Hour at Mesa Nov. 10: The Flier and the Specials!


Reposting just for the hell of it--cool news to come soon!

In about a month, we Weeklings will team up with food goddess Evan Kleiman for Good Food's second-ever happy hour. All the pertinent info is above (save for Mesa's phone number, which is 714-557-6700 ), but click after the jump for the specials Mesa will offer that night!

Mesa TOTALLY doesn't have to do this, but it's giving out one free appetizer at 7:20 p.m. for anyone who's there, first-come, first-served: rib-eye tataki with arugula and capers. The special drink (for five bucks!) will be mixologist Jane Clark's Fall Spiced Sangria: red wine, peach liqueur, brandy, fresh orange and pomegranate juices, apple, orange and lemon slices, and housemade juniper berry/anise simple syrup. OH, SNAP! The food special, meanwhile, will be Mesa chef Jason Travi's Southern-style fried-chicken slider, lightly decorated with aioli and a house pickle, served on a torta with a side of crispy artichoke hearts and remoulade sauce. That one will set you back $10. YUM.

More details to come on our end of the goodies WE'LL be giving out. See you there!

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725 Baker St., Costa Mesa, CA

Category: Restaurant

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