KCRW Good Food/OC Weekly Happy Hour at Mesa Nov. 10: The Flier and the Specials!


Reposting just for the hell of it--cool news to come soon!

In about a month, we Weeklings will team up with food goddess Evan Kleiman for Good Food's second-ever happy hour. All the pertinent info is above (save for Mesa's phone number, which is 714-557-6700 ), but click after the jump for the specials Mesa will offer that night!

Mesa TOTALLY doesn't have to do this, but it's giving out one free appetizer at 7:20 p.m. for anyone who's there, first-come, first-served: rib-eye tataki with arugula and capers. The special drink (for five bucks!) will be mixologist Jane Clark's Fall Spiced Sangria: red wine, peach liqueur, brandy, fresh orange and pomegranate juices, apple, orange and lemon slices, and housemade juniper berry/anise simple syrup. OH, SNAP! The food special, meanwhile, will be Mesa chef Jason Travi's Southern-style fried-chicken slider, lightly decorated with aioli and a house pickle, served on a torta with a side of crispy artichoke hearts and remoulade sauce. That one will set you back $10. YUM.

More details to come on our end of the goodies WE'LL be giving out. See you there!

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725 Baker St., Costa Mesa, CA

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project small blog
project small blog

The event at the Crosby was OUT OF CONTROL!! Super crowded & fun- the KCRW folks were stoked on how much love was in OC-let's get more people than they do in LA (we just need to replicate Craosby and add 60 more-easy)!OC has just as much food love as LA if not MORE!


OC FOOD LOVE!...That's it..........OCWEEKLY is leading the way!.........


I went last time to the one @ The Crosby! Loved it!


OCWEEKLY foodies should show up for this one!....OCWEEKLY is working hard to bring the news to us. We should support them!.........


Is there an echo in here?

(*Jason Travi)

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