"Food and the Art of Consumption" Exhibit to Debut This Weekend at Cal State Fullerton


We usually don't talk about art here at SaFII, unless it involves Star Wars-themed food and other foodie nuttiness. But Cal State Fullerton is about to launch an exhibit with food as its subject: "Acquired Tate: Food and the Art of Consumption," which opens this Saturday. It's a collection of art pieces inspired by food, with a catalog that can count Jonathan Gold among its contributors.

"Food is not merely nourishment," the exhibit's blurbage reads. "It is emblematic of who we are or who we desire to become. It has the ability to tie us to our cultural roots or divide us by delineating class, taste and status. It also acts as a social lubricant, comforting us in times of crisis or, when shared among friends, becomes a manifestation of our affection and regard for those we love."

Opening is this Saturday at 5 p.m. at Cal State Fullerton's Begovich Gallery. My only problem with the exhibit: none of us Forkers were invited to contribute art. I, for instance, can show off my used bottle of Gringo Bandito with Dexter Holland's smudged autograph on it--TOTAL Duchamp-esque commentary on it all...but I guess they're making it up by having my chica sell jams and jellies out of her tricked-out VW Westfalia this Saturday. See you there!

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