8 Handy Food Prints For Your Kitchen

Good-looking and (at least somewhat) useful kitchen art!  

1. Winter Fruit v. Summer Fruit


A good reminder. Summer Fruit Print, $50, and Winter Fruit Print, $50, from the Etsy shop Clairenerim. 

2. Japanese Clear Soup

A simple recipe. $25 at Etsy shop Lucile's Kitchen.

3. American Gastronomy

The best way to look at the world. $40 at Etsy shop LucyLovesThis.

4. The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer


The chart features "89 varieties of beer with over 200 representative quaffs, including glassware recommendations for each variety, and covers six square feet with beer-soaked goodness." Damn overachievers. $30 at Pop Chart Lab. (Click on the link for an enlarged view--amazing!)

5. The Anatomy of a Cupcake


Genius. $50 at Small Batch.

6. Kitchen Conversion Chart 

This one's definitely a handy one. $24 at Etsy shop SweetFineDay.

7. Cow Butcher Cuts

Carnivore art. $11 at The Spotted Sparrow.

8. Artichoke Heart
Beautiful. $30 at Fine Artichoke.

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These print arts are really great. It would be really nice to have them in my kitchen. My question is, can I make them myself? I have a good printer at home with a good

ink and toner cartridge. I think I can make these kinds of printed materials. I just need some samples.

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Great article. Thank you for the info!........Love the wall art!.....



Great article, however "Metro" it makes me sound we have been re-doing our kitchen and dining area and some of these will be great on the walls!  Now can you please do a piece on dining room sets that dont cost 3k at crate and barrel because my wife is killing me! 

Michelle Woo
Michelle Woo

Macy's! Though maybe wait for their Thanksgiving sale if you can.  

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