Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Our Drink of the Week

The Wild Turkey distillery tour in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky isn't the most popular on the Bluegrass State's Bourbon Trail--that would be the Maker's Mark one--or the most-thorough--that honor goes to Woodford Reserve--but in many ways, it's the best. It's absolutely down-home, starting with a documentary narrated by a man whose 'billy drawl practically oozes with banjos and mandolins, and moves on to a walk through the warehouses and hills where ambrosia takes form.

I went on the tour this past summer, as part of my annual foray through the South's Highway 127. It was a great experience--to show how unpretentious they are, Wild Turkey even placed a barrel near the tour's entrance with a wooden turkey tail in the back and a wooden turkey head in the front--but my most-valued souvenir came rom their modest gift shop, where I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed.
At 108.2 proof, it's the strongest member of the Wild Turkey familia, and if you toss it down the gullet, the burn will trigger Pavlovian yammers about Molly and Tenbrooks. But after the burn dissipates (but not the tingle), you'll feel it: an impossibly rich, almost caramel aftertaste that's the result of mixing various bourbons aged anywhere from six to 12 years. Great bourbons deserve sipping anyways, and a full taste of the Rare Breed reveals all of its nuances: a bit smoky, a tad spicy, completely intoxicating. Even half a shot will get you stabby; a full shot, howling at the moon, blotto on the wonders great bourbon can create.

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You can taste the LIME water in it........Just like JD......Not good!!!

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Rare Breed is fantastic. Its not over-priced, either! Great report. You seem like a man that seems to know his bourbon. I'd have a drink with you anytime, Gustavo. 

@20ftJesus:disqusJesus (heh): I'd say RB has a pretty nice burn if you do a shot (though you shouldn't, sippin' is the way it should be). Either way, agreed, goes down remarkably smooth for a cocktail that most of such ABV caliber leave your throat, stomach, and breath smoldering.

I wish I could trade this Jim Beam in front of me for it.


I have a bottle of Rare Breed and I'm not sure "burn" is the right way to describe drinking it.  Indeed, it goes down velvety smooth; thus, belying its 108.2 proof designation.  Nor will drinking 1.5oz cause anyone to bark at the moon.  Sheesh.

However, I do agree that Rare Breed overflows with caramel -- it's like eating a Cadbury Caramello treat.  Mmm...Cadbury Caramello...


20ft: I'm sorry to say, but the public isn't as much a boozehound as you or I. People at the office smelled it, and winced. It's strong, but hey: keep pretending!

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