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Those who thought that The Great Food Truck Race would be spoiled by social networking, blogs and Twitter were proven wrong last night. This past episode contained more unexpected twists and turns than an M. Night Shyamalan production.

The remaining four teams were in Memphis, Tennessee, where they were immediately put to work with a BBQ challenge for their "Truck Stop." But it wasn't just any old challenge. Host Tyler Florence had a dire warnings that not only would the winner receive an advantage, the losers would be handed down a punishment.

Seabirds, it must be noted, may be lucky to have been eliminated last week, because the barbecue test had each of the teams lug a whole hog to the their trucks and butcher it to create a BBQ dish in 3 hours. OC's vegan gals would have probably had to disqualify themselves due to principle. But even without them gagging, it was still a riveting contest.

Crafty Korilla sat back and let their "500-year-old" Korean recipe for marinade do the work. They grilled their meat at the very last minute, while the others tried to make the best of the time they were allotted to attempt a proper barbecue. But it turns out the barbecue judge, Jim Neely, who Florence credited for putting Memphis BBQ on the map, didn't care for Korilla's Korean flavors. The Roxy's team pulled out an unexpected win and gained an additional $500 in seed money on top of the original $500 everyone was given. They also were allowed to go off and start selling while the rest of the three teams broke down what remained of the hog carcass to donate to a food bank.

Roxy's head start seemed moot as they were shown bickering inside their kitchen while doing prep and lagging to get their truck open. In fact, Hodge Podge opened first. The others quickly followed. It wasn't until Florence called in to tell all the trucks that they would have to go vegetarian for the Speed Bump did Roxy's Grilled Cheese menu prove the true advantage. They barely blinked and soon, would hit their stride with lines longer than the other trucks. They would simply remove the pork from their sandwiches. The rest of the luxe loncheras would have to scramble to change their menus and ditch the meat ingredients they already paid for.

The Lime Truck wouldn't be able to use the seafood they just bought. Hodge Podge had to resort to selling grilled cheese themselves and compete with Roxy's solely on price. But it was Korilla who seemed to suffer from the twist worst of all. To complement their kimchi quesadillas, they made the fateful decision to add tofu tacos to the menu: something that drove meat-loving Memphis further away from their truck. On top of that, Korilla chose unwisely for their spot, and as the lines dwindled, they muttered about how something didn't feel right.

Florence called again to tell the trucks that he was sending out a local food blogger named The Chubby Vegetarian to review all their dishes. The winner would get immunity from elimination.

The real drama came during final judgment, where Florence revealed that it would not be a good day. This would be "the weirdest elimination yet", he said forebodingly. Everyone, including The Lime Truck's Jason Quinn, does not have a good feeling about it. But first, it was revealed that not only did the local blogger think that Quinn's vegetarian food was the best out of the four trucks, it was the one of best he's had "period".

With The Lime Truck secured to move on to the next city, Florence announced that one truck was caught cheating. It was Korilla. And as Florence furrowed brow and stern words rained down, their alleged crimes were brought to light: They had reportedly inflated their till with $2700 of their own money, and thus, were immediately disqualified and sent home in shame.

Adding to the foolishness of which they are accused and the stigma that will last long after the show is over, it was shown that they didn't even have to cheat: their untampered total would've beaten Hodge Podge.

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The pig
The pig

Friggin Korean Korillas!!!  Shady, corrupt, cheaters!!  Its built into their culture.  Go to Korea and ask any Korean.  I hope their truck falls apart.  And no, I'm not racist.  I'm Asian.  I just hate cheaters.


I appreciate your attitude Nick, but I suspect that the show checked it out very carefully before airing an episode that could cause a lawsuit if they were wrong.


there is a 6 month gag order on them per their contract.  i'm interested in heraing what they have to say for themselves.  who the heck would put $2,700 into the till?  they boosted their total from $4,100 to $6,800, which doesn't make any logical sense.  let's hear what they have to say in 6 months before we pass judgment or jump to conclusions.

Dean Scoville
Dean Scoville

Give me a break. First, if someone accused me of cheating without justification, there would be damn little ambiguity in my defense of myself. Second, *no* network is going to put itself on a financial limb by making comments that could be deemed slanderous and then telecasting those comments to millions. I am sure that they have ample documentation to support their contention and shame on Korilla for what was a dumb-ass move, plain and simple.

Thai-Duong Nguyen
Thai-Duong Nguyen

First, in response to your comment about the ambiguity of their defense, the Food Network controls how the show is edited, so we don't know what the Korilla Food Truck guys said in response to Tyler right then and there.  And the Korilla Food Truck is most likely bound by contract not to speak out for a period of time, so we don't know Korilla's side of the story since they can't talk about it for now.  The "defense" isn't necessarily ambiguous.  It could be the Food Network's editing that left ambiguity.

Second, if we're going to use this thinking, that you have used:

1) Pick a party

2) Assume they use common sense

3) Assume they made no honest mistakes

4) Conclude they are in the right.

then looking at things from the other angle, you could say:

"Give me a break. *No* food truck is going to put itself on a PR limb by putting in $2700 of their own money with no receipts to back it up and then having their dishonesty being telecasted to millions. I am sure that they have ample smarts to figure out that the receipts must match the cash and shame on Food Network for what was a bitch-move by creating false drama for ratings, editing out any response from Korilla Food Truck's, and using the NDA contract to make sure Korilla can't speak out until no one cares anymore.  Plain and simple."


The truck can't be sued for cheating, they can only be disqualified.  Food Network however can be sued for libel and slander if they didn't have the evidence to back their charge.  This isn't about PR.   If Korilla didn't cheat then they have a hella case in court.  They could argue the NDA is hurting their livelihood by not allowing them the opportunity to respond.  They could then take Food Network to the cleaners for editing the show to make them look like they did something unethical when they didn't.   They would have a solid case to make a lot of money in damages.  

Why would the legal team at Food Network allow a show to air without the legal evidence they believe would stand up in court?  The costs if Food Network just made this up would be in the millions.

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