The Perfect Circle Cupcakery Gets Served On National Television (But Not In A Good Way)


With luxuries like TiVo and DVR, it's easy to gloss over the formalities of commercials. I tend to keep the telly on mute, myself. Imagine my surprise confusion when I recognized a local bakery in the middle of a cereal commercial. It could've been any pastel and doily Jo-dessert shoppe, but I recognized my one and only visit to The Perfect Circle Cupcakery.

You would think that any screen time is good publicity, but I don't quite believe the Old Towne Orange owners were too keen on how they were portrayed. The bittersweet play-by-play is coming right up.

The scene begins with a duo of peppy, purple t-shirt clad ladies wheeling in a cart of Fiber Plus cereal into the already bustling dessert shoppe--bowls, spoons, and all. Their claim: Kellogg's Fiber Plus Cereal Caramel Pecan Crunch tastes better than Perfect Circle's best-seller, chocolate lava cake.


After a moment of awkward silence (and stares throughout the bakery), the Perfect Circle spokesperson gets her one-liner, "Really?" Undaunted, they enthusiastically proceed to dish out bowls of the crunchy stuff to customers. Pan to lots of chewing and nodding.

After a number of "This is great" comments, things start to wrap up. However, there is one commenter who is unfazed by our cereal versus Cupcake War veteran. Yet editors manage to spin it with graphics so that we think she prefers breakfast over dessert. Really?? Maybe if it was me, but talk about bending the truth.


To view the commercial in its entirety, click here.

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The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

165 N. Glassell, Orange, CA

Category: Restaurant

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