The Lime Truck Gives Out Free Food Tomorrow

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Another two cities before the final showdown of The Great Food Truck Race and OC boys Daniel Shemtob, Jason Quinn, and Jesse Brockman of The Lime Truck are still very much the contenders we knew them to be. Last episode they came out victorious, wowing a Memphis vegetarian food blogger to secure immunity and easily moving on to the next city without having to (allegedly) cheat...*Ahem* Korilla *Ahem*.

Now they're giving away food. Similar to the free lunch deal that I wrote about a few weeks ago with Seabirds, The Lime Truck will be serving meals on the Food Network's dime this Friday at a location that remains still undisclosed by the Food Network...

...yet if you look at The Lime Truck's own schedule, it has them at not-so-secret locations around lunch time Friday. One truck's at the usual Flavorful Fridays stop at 1962 Barranca Pkwy in Irvine, while  the other will be parked at 173 Technology in Irvine.

And then there's this:

Check the Food Network Twitter feed @FoodNetwork tomorrow just in case (also Facebook) to be safe and to figure out which of the two Lime Trucks is offering the free lunch. When you get there, try their lamb sandwich...whatever it may be called these days.

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I know this is a blog and so standards are lower, but this could have been written better.

If you read this blog post without watching the episode, you would have thought Lime Truck dominated that episode.

But, in reality, Roxy's dominated this episode. They won both the Truck Stop Challenge and they earned the most amount of money which is really the most criterion in this show.


I don't know because I tape the show on my DVR and watch it later as background noise when I'm doing something else. That's why I read this blog post before I watched that episode, and commented that the post was confusing because it gave the wrong impression about what happened in that episode.

If I had written the post, I would have written something more about how Lime Truck didn't even need that immunity to continue on. Then, I would have written about how well LT has fared so far in this show and how often they've impressed judges in the past with the blogger this time raving about how good their food was.

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