Taco Bell Employee Forgets The Hot Sauce, Customer Allegedly Pulls Shotgun

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​Drive-thru workers take a lot of crap from peabrain customers, but usually, their lives aren't at stake.  

Not this time. Last weekend in Missouri, Jeremy Combs, a 30-year-old convicted felon, was about scarf down his meal from Taco Bell only to discover--gasp--they forgot the hot sauce. That enraged him enough to allegedly drive back to the takeout window and pull a shotgun on an employee, who according to The Smoking Gun, "fled in fear."   

Combs told cops that the item was actually a tire iron (which, um, probably also shouldn't be waved at people), but surveillance footage showed that it was indeed a gun, and he was arrested.  

Let this be a lesson. Do not forget the hot sauce! Oh, wait. There may be other lessons here that I can't think of.

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