Restaurant Roll Call for August 2011

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August was literally a hot one in terms of weather and figuratively in terms of the number of restaurants that opened. We're still anxiously awaiting the debut of Batali's OC outpost of Mozza, which looked like it was about to open but then, not really. Never you mind: There was plenty of other new eateries to keep an itinerant diner busy. Here's what we've noticed in openings and also closings this month.

Teo Sandwiches, Westminster
Two Forty South, Brea
Birch Street Bar & Grill, Brea
Pho King Way, Mission Viejo
Chef Hung, Irvine
Cafe Calacas, Santa Ana
Dang! Crabs, Garden Grove
Croutons, Irvine
Fish-o-licious, Fountain Valley

Wong's Chinese, Garden Grove
The Helm, Costa Mesa
Greek Island Cuisine, Irvine
Sassoon Chicken, Orange
South Coast Winery, Santa Ana
Pat & Oscar's, Irvine

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Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Oh my Satan, Sassoon Chicken closed? Are you fucking kidding me? Please, for good? I'm done for. I'm seriously bummed. There's nothing quite like the pang of great food going under.

Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Please no. For good?*

I need a recommendation to replace this void in my being.

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

Pat & Oscar's closed? One down, fifteen to go. Bon débarras.

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