Reminder: Food Network Giving Out Free Food at Seabirds Truck Tomorrow

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Photo by Kimberley Valenzuela
I wrote about this last week, but since then, there's been a slight modification. The Food Network free lunch at Seabirds to promote The Great Food Truck Race will occur not today, but tomorrow, Saturday from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at a still undisclosed location. But it still will only be free for the first 100 people (no word on spending limits, etc.).

If you want to get the free food, you have to work for it: to figure out where they will be, you will need to check the Food Network Twitter feed @FoodNetwork tomorrow (also Facebook). It might be also wise to check Seabirds' own Facebook page too.

Once you're there, try their jackfruit tacos, which both Dave and I love. And any fellow Indonesians reading: Seabird's jackfruit is almost a dead ringer for gudeg.

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