Prankster Fakes A Whole Foods Opening in Silver Lake; Two Real Ones Coming To OC

So over in LAist, there's much about ado about nothing. Literally nothing. They report that someone apparently took the time to put up a banner announcing the arrival of a new Whole Foods in Silverlake, at an abandoned Circuit a joke.

The website posits "It's an odd thing to joke about, isn't it?" Why yes. Yes it is. 

The site confirmed with the company that they have no immediate plans to develop a store in hipster-haven Silverlake and then retracted an earlier post which they announced said opening.

What does this have to do with OC? Well in denying the Silverlake location, the company relisted their real planned openings which include one in Fashion Island and Laguna Niguel. No joke.

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Verdell Wilson
Verdell Wilson

Dear Reporter: The correct spelling of the neighborhood is "Silver Lake" not "Silverlake." Thanks!

Andrew Gruel
Andrew Gruel

This is pretty funny actually, both the prank and this tie in. Good work.

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