Meet Onch, the Designer Behind Nicki Minaj's Fried Chicken Necklace

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​What's that chained around Nicki Minaj's neck?  

Oh, just a hot pink chicken wing. 

In her latest publicity-fueling move, the hip-hop star wore the piece o' poultry to the iHeartRadio Festival last weekend. The Internet proceeded to go pollo loco, and everyone (hyperbole) needed to know: Who made it and how do I get one?

​The necklace was created Onch of OnchMovement, a Los Angeles-based jewelry line known for its edgy, outrageous, mostly food-inspired pieces. The Taiwan native started the company when an M&M necklace he made was purchased off his neck.   

He called Minaj "a true trend-setter and the perfect muse." In response to the sentiment that wearing fried chicken may feed the African American stereotype, Onch said by email, "Thats absurd! Pink fried chicken is Barbie food! Perfectly fit for a 'Barbz.'" 

(If anyone cooler than me wants to translate that, please do!) 

Onch says he makes pieces based on what he likes to eat. The current collection includes a bacon bracelet, the "meat-lace," and banana necklaces in a multitude of colors, all non-edible in case you were wondering. Items in the works are "top secret," but don't worry, he says. "There's so much more magic to come!" 

​Bacon bracelet, $32. 

The Meat-lace, $70. 

Mini pizza slice necklace, $70.  

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