OC Wine Week Next Week, With OC Beer Week After That

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Seems we can't go a week without some sort of group restaurant deal. It's almost as if we're in an economic slump and they're colluding to get customers in the door or something. 

Next week (Sept. 25-Oct. 1), the so-called OC Wine Week starts its inaugural run in our humble county. There are dozens of participants. 

If you remember what restaurants you saw participate in OC Restaurant Week, it's practically the same list. (Well, it is put on by the same organization.)

The deals center on wine pairings with price points of around $35 to $55 for multicourse meals.

To see the complete list of restaurants, click here.

If you're not much of an oenophile and think the perfect beverage to pair with food is beer, wait a week. OC Beer Week starts immediately after (Oct. 2-8).

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