Mitsuwa's Hokkaido Food Fair Starts Tomorrow

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Edwin Goei
I went to lunch at Costa Mesa's Mitsuwa yesterday and saw booths already being set up for the market's annual Hokkaido Fair, a veritable celebration of Japanese food (particularly those from Hokkaido).

The event starts tomorrow, Thursday, September 15 and lasts till Sunday, September 18. Parking will be horrendous; but if it's like most years, the food will be worth the aggravation.

This year, a ramen purveyor named Kagetora will make their first appearance offering a miso ramen and a spicier kara-miso ramen. Pullman Bakery will be back with their curry buns as well as a new item called a "scallop stew bun".

Rounding out the vendors will be those that will sell squid bento boxes, king crab bento boxes, croquettes, fried fish cakes, and more sweets than you'll probably need for an afternoon.

Mitsuwa's own website I think says it best when it writes: "Please experience the greatly boasted tastes!"

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Mitsuwa Marketplace

665 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA

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