Taco Bell McDonald's Crime of the Week: Hentai-Watching Perv Busted in PlayPlace!


The Smoking Gun reports a 53-year old white male was arrested for watching cartoon porn on a laptop computer in view of children at a Natchez, Mississippi McDonald's.

Usually, we dedicate this blotter to arrest reports from the nation's Taco Bells, but with only one Taco Bell location in Natchez and four McDonald's, the odds of finding a freaky sociopath with a predilection for hentai porn increase 400% at the Golden Arches.

Officer Stanley Starks notes in the arrest report,
I then stood out of McDonald's "Play Place" and observed through the window Ronnie L Hobbs (suspect) watching cartoon pornography pictures inside a public place the images of which could be viewed from the parking lot and drive thru by other customers.

One of the playing children even approached the suspect and while speaking with him she was viewing the pornographic material which he had displayed on his computer screen. I then knocked on the window several times and the suspect did not even notice I was there. I went inside, made contact with him and he started logging his Acer computer off. The suspect admitted he was addicted to pornography for several months.

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