Border Patrol Arrests Man Trying to Smuggle Marijuana in Containers of Hot Sauce Across U.S.-Mexico Border

Mexican contraband smugglers have had a long, colorful history trying to smuggle in their wares, whether alcohol in the 1920s labeled "Sonora water" or the present-day insanity at the U.S.-Mexico border. So news that a smuggler tried to sneak in over a million dollars worth of marijuana by putting it in a cargo container filled with hot sauce is not just not surprising, but rather part of a long, HILARIOUS trend.

La migra
isn't saying what hot sauce was used as the Trojan horse--was it Huichol? El Yucateco? Valentina? Couldn't have been Tapatío, as that's bottled in Vernon.

But I gotta say the smuggler wasn't that smart in thinking about what foodstuff to use as cover for his weed. What he should've done is smuggle in the bricks as tamales, wrapping each in individual husks to better mask what was inside. Or use the old oregano excuse--not that I know anything about it. Seriously--my only vice is bourbon.

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You mean Nick has never smoked you out?  I have visions of his office looking like a Cheech & Chong movie. 


Bourbon is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of borrachera is no virtue.

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