Lee's Sandwiches Finally Comes to Long Beach

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You might be thinking to yourself, how could Long Beach, the seventh largest city in California encompassing 50 square miles and home to about a half-million residents, not have a Lee's Sandwiches already. That's what I thought too. But as seemingly ubiquitous as the banh mi chain is around these parts (even Lake Forest has one), Long Beach's first and, so far, only Lee's Sandwich franchise opened last week at 4748 East Pacific Coast Highway, a few blocks away from Cal State Long Beach.

But even more curious still is the realization that Lee's Sandwiches hasn't penetrated the largest city in California. Yes, the City of Los Angeles doesn't have a Lee's Sandwiches yet. The County of Los Angeles does, since Alhambra and the rest of SGV belong to it, but not the City of Angels itself. You hear that potential franchisees?

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