10th Annual Irvine Global Village Festival October 1st

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Orange owns Labor Day weekend. February is all about Tet in Westminster. Fullerton puts on an estimable New Year's Eve party. But late September to early October is Irvine's. It's the time when the largely master-planned community puts on its own outdoor fete.

As with every year since its inception 10 years ago, Bill Barber Park will be the place for Irvine's Global Village Festival. This year's one-day only event will happen on Saturday, October 1st, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will host somewhere around 16,000 guests and "the sights, sounds, and tastes of the world representing over 50 cultures."

There will be music. There will be dance. And of course, there will be food. Slated to appear will be over 40 vendors from all over So. Cal. But Irvine-indigenous Blackmarket Bakery, Caspian and Koba Tofu Grill will be there.

And this year, Irvine residents can get a preview of Gourmet Grill Masters before they open their brick-and-mortar in Irvine--the rotisserie chicken food truck that has so far been a staple of farmers markets in LA will be there.

To get more info and details, CLICK HERE.

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Edwin -- you ever been to this thing?  BORING.  It's 90% weird-ass churches telling you why their god is #1 and 10% dumb-ass vendors selling over-priced nuggets of crap that were not properly refrigerated that will likely give you dysentery.  Although, I can understand why Chubbypanda is sad to miss it this year.  


*sniff*  Gonna have to miss is for the first time in five years.  :(


Indeed, wish they enjoy themselves~

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