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Look! These look tasty. They are not your enemies.
Apparently, the stars have aligned and it's Vegetarian Weekend here in the United States of Where's-The-Beef.

Today is Hug-A-Vegetarian Day, sponsored by those lovable but disturbed whackjobs over at PETA. Not content with trying to get fish renamed "sea kittens" and actually driving more business to a Santa Ana McDonald's by being completely indistinguishable from the usual sign-twirlers, they've designated an entire day dedicated to really uncomfortable greetings with total strangers.

("Hello! I noticed you ordered a Boca Burger, sir. May I give you a hug on this auspicious Hug-A-Vegetarian Day?")

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day, a holiday concocted by the North American Vegetarian Society. It kicks off the month of October, designated by that august association as Vegetarian Awareness Month.

The question is, what's a vegetarian? If you sneak fish now and then, are you still a vegetarian? (Answer: no.) If you just hate the taste of beef and lamb but have no problem with a quick stop for the Colonel's original recipe, are you a vegetarian? (Hint: no.)

We've devised a handy guide to whether you're a vegetarian or not:

Dave Lieberman
Click for a larger version.

All snark aside, vegetarianism's not a bad thing. All of us could stand to eat a great deal less meat--though I will give up my steak when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Meatless Monday is a good start--just don't eat meat on Monday. It's not too hard to do, actually, especially in the peak of the harvest that we're in right now. I don't have trouble finding vegetarian and even vegan recipes to cook, and I refuse to resort to rubbery crap such as seitan and texturized vegetable protein.

Maybe don't go around hugging a vegetarian today. Maybe just consider dropping meat out of your meals once in a while.

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Thank you for the article, this just reaffirms my hate of peta and dislike of vegetarians. So I pledge this to you... I will eat meat with every meal until either peta goes away or I die from heart failure or colon cancer... Whichever comes first!

Dave Lieberman
Dave Lieberman

There's nothing inherently wrong with vegetarianism. I'm not getting into a slanging match over whether we were "meant" to eat meat or not, because I don't care if we were meant to or not.

My dislike is tied to vegetarian proselytism, not vegetarianism. I'm sure you know more vegetarians than you think—they just don't get up in your face about it. I don't like it when meat eaters try and convert vegetarians, either.

Also, I'm not a big fan of people who say they're vegetarians but then eat meat when it suits their purposes. Do what you want, but don't call yourself a vegetarian then... words have meanings.


I'm just talkin shit... I do have vegetarian friends, they're such cute little willowy people!

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