Five Things You Didn't Know About Bourbon

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September is National Bourbon Month. As the weather cools off (OK, everywhere except Southern California), it's a good time to consider one of the finest drinks made in America. Uncork a bottle, pour a little into a snifter, add a little pour of cool spring water, and lean back. Here are five things you may not have known about bourbon.

5. It doesn't have to be from Bourbon County, Kentucky.

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That's right... bourbon can hail from any point in these United States and still legally be called bourbon. What's odd is that this rule only applies for bourbon produced for domestic consumption. When produced for export, all bets are off. Still, most bourbon comes from Kentucky, and if it says Kentucky bourbon, it has to be from Kentucky.

4. Bourbon County, Kentucky is a "wet" county.

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Kentucky gives counties the local option when it comes to alcohol sales. Internet lore insists that Bourbon County is a "dry" (i.e., alcohol-free) county. This is not true; in fact, all the counties along the Kentucky Bourbon trail are "wet," including the homes of Maker's Mark, Bulleit, Jim Beam and Woodford Reserve.

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I also knew 2 of them (#3,#2) ... what about JD, I don't like this stuff...I mostly prefer bourbons, then whiskey, such as Woodford Reserve and Knob Creak


#4 - This myth has probably just been confused with the fact that The Jack Daniels Distillery is in fact in a dry county in Tennessee.  You can buy beer in the county, but nothing over 6% alcohol.  J.D. also has a special provision allowing it to sell 'souvenier' bottles of whisky on the premesis.


I knew 2 of the 5 but here's something that perplexes me:  why does alcohol always taste better at the factory?  Since you talk about JD, I loved it while staying at their HQ -- it tasted like sweet nectar, but then you go home and open the old dusty JD in the back of the liquor cabinet and it tastes like shit.  Why?

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