Drink Of The Week: Pop Shots at Birch Street

Taylor Hamby/ OC Weekly

Birch Street Bar and Grill just opened a little over a month ago in downtown Brea on--you guessed it!--Birch St. When I walked in late one evening, three employees worked behind the bar, hard at work developing the bar's soon-to-be-released cocktail menu. They ranged from the skilled (Shanda Green, who whipped up a convincing Key Lime pie martini on the spot) to the slow (the guy who asked out loud "What's grenadine?").

I was greeted by another friendly bartender, Shanelle Swedringen, and I asked for whatever she considered her specialty. She replied that she didn't have all of the ingredients on hand, but if I was willing to wait, she'd be happy to make it for me. Swedringen actually walked to the grocery store nearby to pick up the missing ingredients--THAT'S service! She returned with two kinds of Pop Rocks and two Red Bulls. 

Two different shots arrived. The first featured Strawberry Stoli, Triple Sec, Blue Curaço, Red Bull, and was rimmed with strawberry Pop Rocks--Candyland in a shot glass. The fizz and crackle of Pop Rocks hits your tongue first, then the taste of a blueberry lollypop; the Red Bull leaves a Sour Patch Kids-esque aftertaste. The bubble gum-rimmed Pop Shot was similar but came with the added treat of Pop Rocks that turn into chewing gum at the end. This one has Cotton Candy Pinnacle vodka, lime juice, Triple Sec and is topped with grenadine for a pretty red-to-blue transition.

Though every cocktail is technically off-menu right now, it doesn't look like the Pop Shots will be making it on the list. If you Forkers ask nicely, we're sure Shanelle will pop one right up for you!

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Birch Street Bar & Grill - CLOSED

330 Birch St., Brea, CA

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mitch young
mitch young

I guess this is a losing battle, but a proper martini is gin or vodka, a bit of vermouth, garnished with olives (gin or vodka) or lemon peel (vodka). It's the fucking 'silver bullet' after all. Not the 'green bullet', not the 'chocolate bullet', the silver bullet.

mitch young
mitch young

"was rimmed with strawberry Pop Rocks"

I was rimmed with strawberry pop rocks once. An experience not to be missed.

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