Bear Flag Fish Company to Open Second Location in Crystal Cove

Bear Flag Fish Company, the seafood purveyor/restaurant established in 2007 in Newport Beach, has announced that they're opening their second store in Crystal Cove Promenade, which is also kind of in Newport Beach.

Featured there will be the same items the original serves, including sashimi, smoked fish, poke, ceviche, oysters, New England clam chowder, a variety of grilled fish plates, tacos, burritos, and salads.

The slated opening for the store at the Irvine Company-owned center is sometimes this fall. Also still anticipated to open there is the upscale Indian cuisine of Tamarind of London, which will join Mastro's Ocean Club, Bluefin, and, yes, Javier's.

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Fish Seeker
Fish Seeker

Hopefully this place is more organized than the other location. I don't think people in Crystal Cove will come back if they experience the same poor customer service, burned fish and lack of professionalism...


Good to hear Tamarind is still planned. I was worried as it seemed no news since the original announcement.

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