Doritos to Be Sprinkled Over Grave of Doritos Creator

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Arch West, the king of corn chips, died last Tuesday at the age of 97.    

A former Frito-Lay exec, he's credited with introducing the world to the highly munchable little snack known as Doritos.  

According to the Dallas Morning News, West pitched the idea for Doritos after seeing fried tortilla chips in San Diego. The snack--which gets its name from "doradito," the Spanish word for "little golden"--was released by the Dallas-based chip-maker in 1964, and has since expanded to 23 flavors in the United States (and many, many more overseas).  

The newspaper reports that West's family plans to sprinkle Doritos over his urn at a graveside service next Saturday. Fans around the world can tear open a bag in his honor.  

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