Tortilla Tuesdays: Tula Market

Dave Lieberman

Lake Forest is an amazing place. It's much more like North County than South County (the bizarre subdivision of Foothill Ranch notwithstanding), and it's where the Latinos of the 949 go for their groceries when Santa Ana is impractical due to traffic. This week's Tortilla Tuesday goes to Lake Forest's Tula Market, a pair of clean, bright supermercados.

The tortillas smelled heavenly as I brought them home; there's something about the smell of hot nixtamal (that'd be flint corn soaked in cal to free the nutrition) that puts my taste buds into overdrive. Sadly, the taste didn't match the smell; it was much more muted. The texture was a little bit odd; the tortilla split into two, almost like a pocket pita. They did hold up decently to moist fillings, unlike some of the tortillas we've reviewed around here.

Tula's tortillas heated decently on the comal, but it was hard to get the blisters that mark a perfectly-reheated tortilla. Tortillas a day or two old reheatedly nicely, though, without cracking or becoming too dry around the edges. Oddly, the difference in color between the machine side and the other side faded over a couple of days, something I've never seen machine-made tortillas do before.

In brief, the tortillas were acceptable; they were corn-y enough and far better than the Mission brand that most people are subjected to--but they weren't special.

Grade: B-

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Location Info

Tula Market

24418 Rockfield Blvd., Lake Forest, CA

Category: Restaurant

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