This is The Triple Double Oreo

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In today's episode of Food Made Bigger, we bring you the Triple Double Oreo, on shelves this week.    

My writer's brain is still trying to figure out the math behind "triple double" (sounds like an ice skating spin), but just know that each has three layers of cookie, one layer of original creme and one layer of chocolate creme. 

And 100 calories. 

The supersized cookie is actually not the biggest Oreo ever manufactured--that would be the 316-calorie Big Stuf Oreo, discontinued in 1991 (and not likely to come back). And then there are all the homemade towers.

Suddenly, 100 calories doesn't seem so bad. Give us one one of those suckers. 

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Christian Z.
Christian Z.

They rejected my idea for Red Velvet Oreos.

John Lewis Sale
John Lewis Sale

 WOW these are my Favorite cookies n loved it in anything topped on cakes or ice creams it just taste tooo good


Does not look bad. For the peckish determined quite well.


Just got back from Ralph's where I saw them on the shelves; however, I opted for the Cool Mint Creme Oreo. 

I can just imagine the product meetings that invented the Triple Double Oreo.  Did they even test this idea before releasing it? 

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