Drink of the Week: Platte Valley Corn Whiskey

Cue...um, whatever bluegrass song might apply to Missoura...

The chica and I just came back from a two-week road trip that took us to the World's Longest Yard Sale, a hundreds-of-miles extravaganza of antiques, food, and rolling hills that I'll detail at length next week. We only did the stretch of Highway 127 from Frankfort, Kentucky to Chattanooga, Tennesse--a fortuitous choice for this column given we passed straight through bourbon country.

I loaded up on the sweet stuff, of course--some Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve, of course, along with others. But it was in Clarksville, Tennessee, where I happened upon Platte Valley Corn Whiskey (originally from Missouri, but now distilled in Kentucky--go figure). It's a great buy, if only for the jug with the silhouetted caricature of a hillbilly (more proof hillbillies are just fairer-skinned wabs)--but corn whiskey? Never had the less-evolved relative of my sweet, sweet bourbon so had to buy a bottle.

Since it's traditionally 80 percent corn and not aged as long as bourbon (which is usually 70 percent), the Platte Valley corn whiskey didn't have any nuanced deepness. But it's that clarity of mission that gives it a sweet, almost watery charm. It's strong at 80 proof, but goes down dangerously smooth--the other night, with amigos, I must've downed four double-shots with none of bourbon's warning signs but didn't wake up with too much of a hangover the following day.

Of course Hi-Time Wine Cellars stocks it, so load up on them: after enjoying a bit of Americana, you're left with a bad-ass jug. Pass them along to friends, and voila! Automatic jug band--and, unlike lamely blowing into any other bottle, you won't come off looking like a fool when you try "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" for the umpteenth time.

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Wayfinder Wishbringer
Wayfinder Wishbringer

This is a good review.  Being from the midwest I've tried several corn whiskeys; this is by far the best.  As the OP states it is light and smooth with a mild and pleasing flavor.  Some corn whiskeys have a very strong "corn" taste and imo are not at all pleasant.  The only better I've ever had was home-made shine given as a gift to my father (which btw, is quite powerful and yes, will take breath away, just as shown in the movies).  But for the "legal" stuff... I believe this to be the best corn on the market.  And as stated... the jar rocks.  Unfortunately too small to sling over one's shoulder while drinking in traditional style, but still a nice collector's item.  At $15 to $20 retail... this is an excellent purchase.


I am unable to comprehend the need or compulsion to numb one's brain unless it is to sate the implanted desire and/or belief via life-long propaganda/indoctrination from corporate USA that fun requires a constant party along with imbibing alcohol.

So sad.

Such an easily-manipulated herd of citizen-sheep bleating out in rapturous joy as they obey their master's indoctrination.


Oh, that's nothing. You should see the insanity we unleash when we serve our taco masters...


Wild Turkey Rare Breed at 108.4 barrel proof is a personal favorite, but the other one you mentioned is a bit harsh.


See, this is good commentary! I bought a bottle of that as well, and will report on it once I'm through with the corn whiskey. After the Wild Turkey, some Tennessee whiskey—can't remember the brand...

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