No. 35: #4 at Pieology

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Anne Marie Panoringan

Welcome to the Weekly's list of our 100 Favorite Dishes for 2011! Tune in every day until we get to número uno! Now, on to the latest entry. .

Back in March, we stumbled upon a custom pizza joint that defied how a typical pie should be created. I'm still a deep dish fan at heart, but future destinations remotely near Cal State Fullerton will result in a stopover at Pieology. Its Chipotle-esque method of ordering offers combinations only limited by your imagination. However, the one that does it for this Forker is #4.

There isn't a proper name for this particular selection of ingredients, but it might as well be called "Triple White Cheese." Sans typical tomato sauciness, it relies on a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan for support. Crushed black pepper and fresh basil enhance otherwise mild dairy flavors, while an olive oil drizzle results in a big pile of napkins. And yes, I added sausage because I could with no penalty. The salty played nicely with its neighbors, even complementing the pizza profile.

The crispy, thin crust allows for a minimal wait time, making it less fast food and more moderate cuisine. Throw in unlimited fountain beverages (plus a Ding-Dong), and for roughly ten bucks, it's lunchtime.

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The list so far this time around:

No 36: Veggie Special (With Chicken) at Chicken Dijon
No. 37: Foie Gras Nigiri at AnQi
No. 38: Short Rib Grilled Cheese at A Restaurant
No. 39: Garlic Artichoke Croissant at Blackmarket Bakery
No. 40: Nuco Mia at New Duc Huong
No. 41: Mantu at Chili Chutney
No. 42: Dipped Italian Beef Sandwich at Portillo's
No. 43: Spicy Wontons at A & J Restaurant
No. 44: Saffron Rice Pudding at Wholesome Choice
No. 45: House Special Pork with Sauteed Kimchi at Koba Tofu Grill
No. 46: Seared Artichokes with Lemon Aioli at Il Garage
No. 47: Green Curry With Pork at Papaya Thai Bistro
No. 48: Mongolian Hot Pot at The Red Pot
No. 49: Beef Rolls at 101 Noodle Express
No. 50: Tlacoyo at El Borrego Sagrado
No. 51: Hard-Shelled Taco at Avanti Cafe
No. 52: Special-Events Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Old Vine Cafe
No. 53: A Big Ol' Plate of Rice With Must-o-Musir at Wholesome Choice
No. 54: Pork Souvlaki at Kentro's Greek Cuisine
No. 55: Toum at Sasoon Chicken
No. 56: Bacon Hash Dog at Berkeley Dog
No. 57: Blueberry Donut at M & M Donuts
No. 58: Tempura Fried Poached Egg at Break of Dawn
No. 59: Mulitas from Tacos Y Mulitas Ruben Truck
No. 60: Pho Ga from Pho Quang Trung
No. 61: Panuchos from Conde Cakes
No. 62: Sandwich and Egg Cream from Benjie's
No. 63: Margherita from TJ's Woodfire Pizza
No. 64: Macaroon at Disneyland
No. 65: The Sputnik at Rick's Atomic Cafe
No. 66: Corn Dog from Disney California Adventure's Corn Dog Palace
No. 67: Bacon Fried Rice at The Loft Hawaiian
No. 68: Charcuterie and Cheese at SideDoor
No. 69: Burger (With Duck Confit) at Watermarc
No. 70: Korokke Pan at Cream Pan
No. 71: Chorizo and Quail Egg on Toast at Sol del Sur
No. 72: Fried Brussels Sprouts at 320 Main
No. 73: G-Style Fries at G Burger
No. 74: Fried Cuttlefish at Benley
No. 75: Roti at Bangok Taste
No. 76: Wet Burrito at 301 Cafe
No. 77: Pork Curry at Miyabi-Tei
No. 78: Bánh Tieu at Bánh Mì So 1
No. 79: Any Sandwich at the Crosby
No. 80: Fish Pho at Pho Vinh Ky II
No. 81: Quesadilla Chilanga at Alebrije's Grill
No. 83: Nem Nuong Cuon at Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa
No. 84: Wild Boar Balinese Sausage at Valhalla Table
No. 85: Comida Corrida at Taquería La Raza
No. 86: Breakfast Burrito at Troy's Drive-In
No. 87: Mandoo at L&M Liquor and Deli
No. 88: Chicago Dog at Chicago Harv's
No. 89: Sweet Potato Tater Tots at Pee Wee's Famous
No. 90: Kaya-Stuffed French Toast at Chomp Chomp
No. 91: Egg Breakfast at Rick's Atomic Kitchen
No. 92: Sticky Rice With Chicken at Quan Hy
No. 93: Beef Koobideh at Hen House Grill
No. 94: $5 Fish Bento at Bentoss
No. 95: Milanesa Sandwich at Piaggio's Gourmet on Wheels
No. 96: Samurai Burrito at Wafu of Japan
No. 97: Carnitas Gordita at Bodega R Ranch Market
No. 98: Spam Musubi at k'ya Street Fare
No. 99: Tortilla Andorra at Anepalco's
No. 100: Lemongrass Chicken, Extra Spicy at Vietnam's Pearl

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516 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA

Category: Restaurant

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Thanks Gustavo - but this wasn't the only post missing that vital info.  And my zeal is caused by my personal search for great pizza around where I live.  


Why did my post with the address for pieology disappear?


More on the location thing... why do some posts have it and others not?  Why is it sometimes the last line in the post, which makes sense to me and other times, it's way, way down below the comments?  I really enjoy reading about these dishes, and sometimes I think I want to try them.  If the location info's not there, I have to Google and then after that effort am disappointed that they restaurant is far from home.  Just making the suggestion that a little consistency would be nice.  


Why no address?  How am I supposed to enjoy this?


I just had the #4 on Tuesday night and added gorgonzola... yum!


Looks good but I would have left off the sausage. 


why do u always add meat to perfectly good veggie dishes :::fail:::


Thanks, but I can find it myself on the internet.  I'm just suggesting that a journalist (bloggers are journalists?) should include the obvious information.  I'm also saying that even though the posts are from different OCW reporters, they should all conform to the same format with regards to including basic info like address, website, etc.  I believe it's up to an editor to do that, but I don't know if a shared blog like this one has an editor. 

I'd really hate to think the OCW website is only for hipster doofus foodies wearing dopey fedoras, skinny jeans and messenger bags who already know where all the hipster food places are. 


Whoa, chill out Dwayne!!! I'm the food editor of the Weekly--maybe you've noticed my name in the section for the past decade? Anyhoo, to answer your questions, we forgot to include the address on this post—happens, and since I've been on the East Coast trying to flee before Irene, I didn't exactly have time to correct it. Now that I'm back, I did!

No clue about your deleted post—we have a weird system. Not done consciously on our part, I can assure you.

As for where we put the address: usually, it's after the comments—if you click on that map, it'll take you to a page with further info other than a mere address. If the restaurant is brand-new or just-discovered by us, we won't have such a page set up, so we'll just include the line with the basic info.

Finally, notice all the wab places we review? Not exactly hipster terrain. Notice our (okay, more like mine) skepticism of luxe loncheras? Not exactly endearing ourselves to the hipsters there. Gracias for your concerns—and yes, bloggers are journalists, and my fellow Forkers are the best damn ones in the profession in la naranja...

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