Tortilla Tuesday: Jimenez Ranch Market


If you ever encounter a packet of corn tortillas that only have a dozen, BEWARE. Mexis, unsurprisingly, eat tortillas as fast as we breathe air, so the best tortillerías sell them by at least the two dozen, knowing they'll barely last through the week (do the math: three tortillas per person per meal per average Latino family of six equals...cross the two, double the average of 54 tortillas in a day--and this isn't talking about a family of fatties).

Then you have the mega-pack sold at Jimenez Ranch Market in SanTana. This one holds 90--and given its price of three bucks, I was afraid that quality would be sacrificed for quantity.

But I was pleasantly surprised.
Past, present, and future of Southern Californian cuisine: Tortilla and Lindy & Grundy sausage topped by Philippe's mustard

This was a good tortilla--nowhere near the best, but much better than average. Though a bit on the thin side, it took time to cook, ensuring a nice browning that didn't quickly burn. The masa flavor was strong, the tortilla pliable. I wouldn't buy these again, just because I like them thicker, but you are not committing a sin by purchasing them--and with the markets tumbling as they are, maybe it's time we stock up on these stat.

Grade: B.

Jimenez Ranch Market, 1303 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 541-6270.

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