Itriya Cafe Construction Begins, Yelper Already Has a Review?

Construction began a few weeks on Itriya Cafe, the latest development to take shape at Diamond Jamboree. If you've passed by Jamboree or Alton, you can't miss the signage. Itriya Cafe is the fusion restaurant (I hate to use that outdated "f" word, but there's no better descriptor) that merges Italian and Korean on the same menu--a menu that will feature spaghetti and ssam. (Ssam is the Korean word for wrap, as in what you do to your bulgogi with your lettuce.)

The masterminds are husband-and-wife team Howard Gordon and Jennifer Lee. He was formerly an exec at Cheesecake Factory. She, I assume, is the inspiration behind the Korean flavors.
The Facebook says the café won't open until sometime midmonth. And when I drove by yesterday, there was construction equipment everywhere. There is no sign of it being open, and every indication is that it's still a work in progress. But lo and behold, a Yelper has already posted a glowing review.

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I shouldn't be too quick to judge, but the concept description + the fake Yelp review makes me want spaghetti and hot dogs from Jollibee vs. spaghetti and ssam from this place.....

Jeff Overley
Jeff Overley

Good stuff, Edwin, saw this last week and was thinking the same thing. Yelpers' obsession with first-to-review badges is straight out of Cub Scouts.


Which is why 80% of Yelp reviews are worthless.

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