Eight Hilarious 'I Love Lucy' Food Moments

​Lucille Ball would have turned 100 over the weekend. In honor of the lovable redhead, we present eight outrageous "I Love Lucy" food moments, from candy wrapping to grape stomping.  

8. The Gang Sells Hamburgers 

The Ricardos and the Mertz compete to see who can run a better burger biz. 

7. Aunt Martha's Salad Dressing  

After realizing that they're losing money by selling their homemade salad dressing, Lucy and Ethel must "unsell" the product. 

6. Lucy Gets Doused

Lucy is the unlucky contestant on a TV quiz show, and gets doused with eggs, pie and honey. 

5. Grape Stomping 

Lucy takes a job in a vineyard, jumping into her duties feet first. 

4. Homemade Bread 

With their husbands betting that can't live without modern conveniences, Lucy and Ethel attempt to bake bread from scratch. 

3. Ricky and Fred Make Rice  

In the famous "Job Switching" episode, Fred and Ricky tie on aprons and attempt to make arroz con pollo. Hilarity ensues. 

2. Candy Wrapping

The same episode features the classic chocolate factory conveyor belt scene. "Let 'er roll!" 

1. Vitameatavegamin

"Are you tired, run-down, listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle." We love The Vitameatavegamin Girl. 

Happy 100th, Lucy! 

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Seriously sometimes I wonder who comes up with these OC Weekly "Top" or "Best Of" lists and wether they put any thought or research into it. How can you guys of left out one of the most famous episodes? The famous Hollywood Brown Derby scene with William Holden. First when Lucy nervously fumbles around with her spaghetti after Holden insistently stares at her. Then the aftermath after she gets up in a hurried frenzy and knocks the waiters Cobb Salad all over William Holden. Number 1 food scene if you ask me


It's a good one but HARDLY the most famous. SENSITIVE...


"Sensitive", apparently you are. How dare I question one of your colleagues opinion. Now stop harassing the bloggers Gus!

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