Domino's Brings Back Creepy Mascot, The Noid

Categories: Chain Reactions
We tried, but we just couldn't "avoid the Noid." Domino's Pizza has brought back the '80s mascot--a creepy dude in a red bunny (?) suit--to celebrate his 25th birthday. 

It's part of an online promo that only runs until August 15 (phew). Fans can win $10 gift cards for scoring big on the Facebook arcade game, "The Noid's Super Pizza Shootout."

For a refresher on the Noid, check out this 1987 Domino's commercial after the jump.     

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Oh god there was one of those in my town's kid's section at the public library.  You have no idea how good it is to know that I wasn't (am not) the only person freaked out by this thing.


 Noooooooo! That thing used to literally make me cry as a kid. I had a life-sized one in my room and it would stare at me from the foot of my bed...staring like the big red creeper he is. Nightmares, seriously.

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