Del Taco's New Logo Looks A Lot Like Its Old Logo

Categories: Chain Reactions
Here's the Del Taco logo we know and love. After the jump, see the spiffy new logo!   

Without a direct comparison, it's kind of like when your wife or girlfriend asks if you notice anything different about her, and you're obligated to stammer out, "Of course! You look amazing!" while having no idea what she's talking about. But we appreciate that Lake Forest-headquartered Del Taco has stayed true to its roots rather than doing a complete brand overhaul like Jack in the Box and so many other fast food giants struggling to stay relevant.  

The new logo, which is cleaner and sharper than the old, comes with a new store prototype, unveiled recently at just a few locations including the restaurant at 59 Technology in Irvine--yes, the one just across the freeway from the Taco Bell headquarters. If you check it out today, be sure to grab some 29-cent tacos.   

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