Ajisen Ramen Busted By Chinese Authorities For Lying About Soup

Photo by Keith May

Typically when you hear about food scandals in China, it's dire stuff, dangerous stuff that endangers lives. This one, by comparison, seems like a minor drop in the bucket; but it is making waves just the same. Ajisen Ramen, the giant ramen chain which has 588 stores in China (and a few in the LA and OC area), has been accused by Chinese authorities for lying about what it uses for its soups.

In China, the chain has advertised that its noodle soup was prepared by boiling pork bones for up to 20 hours, a claim that has subsequently been proven false by the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Administration. Tests had apparently determined that the broth is made with a concentrated solution diluted in water.

The company has admitted their mistake, but that wasn't enough to prevent the company's Hong Kong Stock Exchange traded shares from dropping 25% after news of the scandal broke. It has been also reported that Chinese customers are staying away.

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Carrion Fairy
Carrion Fairy

Every ramen tastes like concentrated solution diluted in water after Shen Sen Gumi.


read about this on Shanghaiist.  I've still been craving Ajisen since coming back from China.  good thing there's one closeby where I live!


mobile execution van coming to their neighborhoodwe need some of thosedown on wall street


Thanks for saying what we are all thinking!!!!!!!.......

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