Top 10 Video Games Based on Eating

Food: It's one of the most important basic needs of human life. Human beings and just about every living being on Earth can live without any luxury, but cannot survive without food. We celebrate food. We spend large amounts of money on food. We explore diverse cultures through the food people eat. And, most importantly, we make video games based on eating food.

Eating in gaming has been around for as long as this favorite pastime of ours has been created. Apparently, fictional video characters have to eat, too! The following are the best examples of video games based on doing what we all do best: chowing down.

10. Major League Eating: The Game (WiiWare, 2009)
What is more shocking, the fact that there is an extreme sport about competitive eating, or the fact that there is a video game based on the extreme sport about competitive eating? Regardless, Major League Eating is a WiiWare title that features some of MLE's most recognized stars, including Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut, Tim Janus, Patrick Bertoletti, Crazy Legs Conti, Sonya Thomas, Rich LeFevre and Juliet Lee, as well as a Kodiak Bear. You guys should seriously look these guys up, it's amazing how thin some of them are. In the Japanese release of the game adds two professional Japanese competitive eaters Noboyuki Shirota and Hatsuyo Sugawara.

Although the premise of the game is basically about eating an insane amount of food, it plays more like a fighting game. No surprise here, considering that the development team stated that Street Fighter II and Mario Kart as main influences of the game.

9. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
(Playstation 2, 2004)
Snake eating Snake02.JPG
Naked Snake, the protagonist of the 3rd installment of the Metal Gear Solid series, is all alone in the jungles of Russia. Here, he has to do whatever it takes to survive--stitch his own cuts, disinfect his wounds, and most importantly, catch his own food. If the title of the game didn't make it obvious enough, the central theme of the Snake Eater is about eating all sorts of creatures in the wild in order to survive. Snake will eat just about anything. Seriously, anything. hornets' nests, rats, flying squirrels, bats, crocodiles, and believe it or not, instant ramen. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, he even considered eating Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros series. That would have been a totally different game if he could.

8. Kool-Aid Man
(Atari 2600, 1983)
Oh, Yeaaah! Kool-Aid Man for the Atari 2600 originally started off as a free game that was obtainable by sending in 125 Kool-Aid points (remember those?), and was a clever example of advertising disguised as a video game. The game takes place in a swimming pool, in which these annoying creatures called "thirsties" attempt to drink all of your pool water. Luckily, it's Kool-Aid man to the rescue, as he smashes through walls and blasting them away with what is most likely Kool-Aid. Sure, we all know that sugar actually dehydrates you, but why let that get in the way of a perfectly good advertising campaign?

7. Root Beer Tapper
(Arcade, 1983)
The original Root Beer Tapper, previously known as Tapper, featured a large "Budweiser" sign in the back, making this another example of advertising disguised as a video game. However, once the popularity of this game caught on, the game was renamed Tapper to broaden the appeal.

The game may be now called Root Beer Tapper, but we all know what they're really serving. The point of Tapper is simple, just like all classic games--fill up mugs of "root beer," slide them down the bar, and make sure these drunken people keep their filthy hands off of you.

6. Cooking Mama
(Nintendo DS, 2006)
She cooks, cleans, tends to the garden, and takes care of kids. She's a stereotype of the perfect woman, and she's the star of the "Mama" series of video games. In Cooking Mama, the game that got her first big break, the point of the game is to cook various dishes by performing a number of minigames. A single dish can be as short as one minigame, to as long as a dozen. These minigames consist of throwing ingredients together in a rhythm-game like fashion, or drawing parallel lines to cut up vegetables.

5. Fat Princess
(PS3, 2009)
Let her eat cake! Fat Princess is a PSN game in which players must rescue their princess from the enemy's dungeon. However, the big hook of the game is that players are able to fatten up the opposing team's princess by feeding her cake, which will make her heavier and more difficult to carry. The game is online-only, and it's cute, colorful. . . and extremely bloody.

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Thanks for all the information. I really like the concept of this post and I feel that this is a very unique and rare information that you have managed to compile. It is quite interesting to read about this very rare topic. 


They had cold beer when I was there last year so I'm happy to find it. As the Reagan years, let's say that I totally agree with you and the people knew ...Games for Adults


Hahahaha, that's not ice-cream they're eating in #3, you do know that, right?


Does anyone remember Food Fight from the 80s?  You have to cross the screen to reach a goal food while chefs try to catch you.  You repel them out by throwing food at them.


This makes a whole lot of sense dude. Wow.


Stupid Root Beer Tapper. I first saw that the name had been changed when I played it on an Xbox "arcade classics" disc. They used to have an original Tapper at Reagan Years in Fullerton(RIP), including the Budweiser beer tap.

Along those lines, I recently played a game at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas called Ice Cold Beer. Oddly, it really didn't have anything to do with beer, other than the name and a picture of a early 20th century saloon gal(the game consisted of using to joysticks to control a metal rod and ball, trying to get it in the hole that was lit up).


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They didn't have Ice Cold Beer when I was there last year, so I'm excited to find it again. As for the Reagan Years—let's just say I COMPLETELY agree with you and knew people would...


I was there just last week and broke my Ice Cold Beer cherry. That game was super fun, yet so simple. Less really is more, sometimes. Oh, and I was there with 6-7 people from Halos Heaven, including your old pal Matt Welch. He said "The Mexican is a mensch! And a huge Angels fan." (I mentioned you posting the Ask A Libertarian vids). 


 You know Matt?! Tell him I'm going to annoy him soon with a pitch for Reason!!!

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