Pink's Unleashes the 'Royal Dog' in Honor of Will and Kate's SoCal Romp

The world's Internet's most famous couple is visiting LA this weekend (cue the trumpets!) and in honor of the lovebirds' arrival, Pink's Hot Dogs is offering the "Royal Dog" at both its La Brea and Knott's Berry Farm locations.     

What does a royal wiener consist of? Two hot dogs in one bun (aww) topped with mustard, cheese, onions, pickle relish, two slices of bacon and a "spot" of Pink's famous chili--all for a "mere trifle at ₤3.73" (six bucks).  

While a stop at Pink's isn't on the royal itinerary, Richard Pink, co-owner of the legendary hot dog stand, tells the Los Angeles Times that he hopes William and Catherine will make an impromptu stop for a bite. 

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