OC's Only Blimpie Closes

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Orange County's only outpost of the Blimpie sandwich-shop chain, located at 840 The City Dr. S. in Orange, has closed its doors, part of a reshuffling of businesses that has seen the departure of a doughnut shop, a cell-phone store and a flower shop.

Management for the Orange City Square, which owns the building, has announced that a yet-to-be-named pizzeria will be moving into the plaza.

If you're a fan of Blimpie--and we have to assume that if you're reading this blog, you're probably not because it wasn't very good--you'll have to make your way to Chino for your fix, or head across the Santa Ana River to the Subway at Bristol and Memory.

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I actually thought Blimpie's was pretty good about 8-10 years ago when we had one in Stanton.  The owner was really nice and the food was leaps and bounds better then the crap they served at Subway.  At the time I put it at the level with Togo's (note, Togo's has really regressed in the past few years).


Blimpie reminds me of the ghetto Queens nabes Young JB used to pass through.  It's one of those places I'd never set foot in, but don't want to see go away. 

Bill T.
Bill T.

"... because it wasn't very good ..", well, no, but much better than Subway. Given the dearth of Mom-and-Pops' sandwich shops, what's the alternative.

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