Le Napoleon at Irvine Spectrum Closes; Moves To Another Part of Irvine Spectrum...And Closes?!

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Edwin Goei

On a recent trip to Irvine Spectrum, I noticed that Le Napoleon, the coffee shop that boasted Intelligentsia coffee and Cream Pan pastries was gone from its perch underneath the merry-go-round. I was going to put it on the list of restaurant casualties for the month...

...But it seems I was hasty in thinking that there was no market for re-selling LA coffee and Tustin pastries in the outdoor Irvine megamall. They simply moved to a smaller space at near the theater next to the Jamba Juice. The Facebook page notes that this happened in June.

UPDATE!!!: Perhaps I was hasty in thinking I was hasty. Food blogger and commenter, Queer In My Soup, has noted that the smaller space was boarded up and shut down as of earlier this week...so it turns out I will add them to our list of monthly restaurant closures after all. And to those Le Napoleon customers who "discovered" the strawberry cream pans they sold? You still know where to get them, right? If not, click here and be educated.

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