Canadians About to Make their Nation's Batch of 2 Million KFC Double Downs Extinct

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In further proof that our neighbors to the North really just want to be Americans with better hockey teams (Vancouver and Toronto notwithstanding, although the former did have those silly hockey riots) comes news that Canadians have consumed nearly two million of KFC's infamous Double Down sandwiches since June. Since June. Damn, can't you hosers mix in some poutine or elk in the mix?

But if you're a resident of the Great White North, better hurry: your countrymen are about to make this year's batch of Double Downs extinct.

"KFC Canada is thanking Double Down fans for a successful Canadian encore--and cautioning that supplies of its deliciously decadent bun-less sandwich are dwindling fast and expected to run out over the next several days," reads their press release. The company has no plans to make the Double Down a permanent item, which will undoubtedly lead to many moments like the following:

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