BBQ Pitmaster Johnny Trigg's BBQ Class This November

Courtesy Big Poppa Smokers
The world of contest barbecue is a tight-knit community full of friends that compete fiercely against each other. Last year, I had the chance to meet and compete against Johnny Trigg, the "Godfather of BBQ," and the crew from Big Poppa Smokers on the set of TLC's BBQ Pitmasters Season 2. Though the TV show gave the impression that competitors don't like each other, we're really brothers in smoke.

Big Poppa sells nothing but top-notch, made-in-USA smokers and grills. Johnny Trigg makes the most beautiful competition spare ribs I've had the honor of tasting. Together, they're giving backyard cooks and established BBQ teams the chance to learn the art of competition BBQ from a legend.

Because BBQ contests are a two-day, overnight affair, this class will follow a real contest timeline. This is the second time that Big Poppa Smokers has hosted Mr. Trigg's class, and it is expected to sell out again.

The lowdown from Big Poppa Smokers:

In this class, Johnny will teach everything he does in a competition setting.... no holding back!
The cost is $600 per person (non-refundable), and there will be secondary waiting list in case there are no shows on the day of the class for a $300 fee.
  • Class memberships ARE transferable. Your class fee secures your spot in the class.
  • The class will be held in Coachella, CA on November 4th and 5th, 2011.
  • No video or photography will be allowed.
  • Dinner on Friday night and breakfast Saturday morning is included with the BBQ "tasting lunch" with Johnny around noon (we advise everyone to come hungry).
  • Discounted hotel rates for the nearby Fantasy Springs Resort Casino will also be available soon.
  • The class is expected to be full by mid-August. Call 877-828-0727 to arrange for your spot.

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dru c.
dru c.

i signed up for harry soo's slap yo daddy bbq class for $299.


Is Mr. Burrell still cooking BBQ in Santa Ana?  I haven't been there in years -- too many Mexicans. 

JD McGee
JD McGee

Seriously!  You folks have no freakin' clue what you're talkin' about!  My wife and I took Johnny's class last year and his teachings took us to the Jack!  Yeah...Harry can cook...but he doesn't share his comp flavor profiles...yet...and yes...I know Harry too!


Why go to Coachella for a retarded BBQ class when you can get the best BBQ right here in good ol' Santa Ana?  Oh yah, too many Mexicans.  LOL.  Naw, naw, I kid, I kid.  Truth is the neighborhood there has been sketchy for over 35 years.  Remember F Troop?  I feel bad for Mr. Burrell, and his BBQ shop, having been relegated to that corner of SA. Pity really.


@20ftJesus What does going to a bbq restaurant have to do with going to a bbq class?  Read much?

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